Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Pension Plan Puppets are funny when making fun of Leafs, scary when dealing with the Canadiens

I wonder why some media heads or fans don't like the Canadiens, hate them in fact.  I know why Don Cherry doesn't, or P.J. Stock, but why the odd average fan?  The Canadiens don't have a Milan Lucic, Zdeno Chara, Brad Marchand triumverate of evil, they don't have any Steve Otts or Matt Cooks.  They divested themselves of Maxim Lapierres and Mike Ribeiros.  So with the Habs, you have a decent, hard-working team with lots of good personalities, mostly populated with nice guys like Brendan Gallagher and Francis Bouillon and P.K. Subban.

And then I run across this article from Pension Plan Puppets, who can be quite funny when they're tearing apart their own team.  This one however, is so over-the-top irrational, it doesn't serve to illuminate the reasons, but does give us a sense of the magnitude of the problem.

Maple Leaf fans, you would think, after decades of Harold Ballard and Carlo Colaiacovo and John Brophy, would be able to recognize a quality organization by contrast, and give credit when it's due a team that's playing well and having success.  You would think that they'd be able to tip their hat to a team that managed to do what they couldn't last season, which is beat the Bruins, in a seven game series, and not choke it away.

You would be wrong.  And to twist the facts for their purposes, they don't stop at merely stating that the Chris Kreider job on Carey Price wasn't voluntary or reckless, but merely a good hockey play gone wrong.  Rather, they conflate this incident with how savagely Brian Gionta brushed by James Reimer outside his crease, and offer that up as proof that the Canadiens fans don't think clearly and are hypocritical.

So yeah, maybe Leafs fans are a lost cause.  The Stockholm Syndrome set in during the Borje Salming years and hasn't dissipated, but only grown stronger, deeper, more twisted.

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