Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Justin Bourne should be a part of the re-tooled Hockey Night in Canada

We often whine about PJ Stock and his inane, protracted turn on Hockey Night in Canada, yet, like with the weather, we never do anything about it.

Here's my suggestion: Justin Bourne should work on the panel at HNIC next season.  If we must have a failed untalented forward to offer his views, let's have one who's literate, thoughtful, and as a bonus can offer a bunch of anecdotes related to the Islanders dynasty of the early 80's, due to his being the son of Bob Bourne.  

Justin Bourne does an outstanding job running The Score's hockey blog "Backhand Shelf", is funny and entertaining during podcasts (although somewhat profane, he'd have to clean up the language for the CBC), and has well-thought out and presented opinions on hockey and the topics of the day.

He and Kevin Weekes would form a youthful, energetic team, and complement the various other pieces on the show, as opposed to Mr. Stock who is more like the stick introduced in the spokes of the smoothly spinning wheel.

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