Friday, 14 June 2013

Davis Drewiske re-signed by the Canadiens

The Canadiens announced that they have re-signed Davis Drewiske to a two-year contract at roughly league minimum salary.  Somehow, some found that controversial.

I don't know why anyone is shocked by this.  Sure, Davis Drewiske wasn't a world-beater this spring, but certainly the Canadiens management staff have had their eye on this guy, to go after this relatively obscure player at the deadline.  They think he has some upside.  He's an asset we have, and we're not pinched by the 50 contract limit.  At the league minimum, cap hit is not an issue.  He provides depth, as Marc Bergevin pointedly refers to in the press release.  He allows the young defencemen in Hamilton to stay there next season, instead of being thrown into the mix before they're ready.

If he becomes expendable, the team can flip him for a draft pick.  If he can't be traded, at worst he's sent down to Hamilton, or is lost on waivers in the process.

There is really no downside.  The team retained an asset for which it already spent a fifth-round pick.  That's a sunk cost, but now we have to invest very little to see if we can get some returns our our investment.

Good deal.

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