Thursday, 6 June 2013

Greg Campbell is no hero. Ever.

As bad as having the Bruins poised to get to the Stanley Cup finals, and possibly repeat as 'Starley Cup Champiars', now we're all being told we have to pretend Greg Campbell is some kind of lion-heart, because he broke his leg.  I've been fast forwarding through ESPN's "Around the Horn" and "PTI", zapping basketball and baseball stories, and in both they had hockey segments in which they exclaimed how gutsy he is, and what a warrior he is.

Come on, he blocked a shot and it bounced off his ankle, and broke his fibula.  He hobbled around for a minute before he could get off.  Big whoop.  As if that hadn't happened a hundred times this season.  P.K. Subban by himself put one guy on the bench every game he played this year, due to his rocket from the point.  We all saw these guys limp and one-leg it back to the bench, sometimes with a helpful push from a teammate or linesman.  We'd see them agonize on the bench and try to stretch out the pain, or be assisted to the dressing room.  Most of them came back to finish the game.  But according to the talking heads, Greg Campbell is different.  By their reasoning, Sidney Crosby is Superman times Mother Teresa, since he took a puck to the choppers.

That Bruin creep gets no credit from me for having a puck bounce somewhere he didn't have any padding on.  What else is that shameful plug good for?  It's not like he's going to make a pass or score a goal.  He better be mucking and grinding and choosing his spots and taking on 160 pounders like Tom Pyatt, or else he'll have no career, even in his daddy's league.

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