Monday, 2 July 2012

Jaromir Jagr with the Canadiens? Deuxième partie.

So Jaromir Jagr wants to play in Montréal next season you say?  Well I just had beer shoot through my nose.  Here we go again. Even before last year, I didn’t trust anything this guy had to say.  Look for him to contract-tease the Canadiens for a while then sign in Pittsburgh for a couple hundred grand more, and once there hold a press conference explaining his undying love and fealty to the city of Pittsburgh.

We saw Mr. Jagr last year say whatever was necessary to entice bidders and raise demand for his services, but eventually sign in Philly, to the outrage of the twice-jilted Pittsburgh fans. So now he’s again doing and saying all the right things to anyone who'll listen, and trying to sweet-talk the forward-with-talent-needy Canadiens with the tantalizing prospect of his chemistry with Czech national team linemate Tomas Plekanec, and his decision to train in Montréal this summer.  He's going to get trimmer and more fit he says.
Mr. Jagr would indeed fill a short-term need on the second line, but Mr. Bergevin seems resolute in his statement of non-interest, like the guy at the bar who steadfastly refuses to dance with the drunk but kind of hot crazy chick. Not at $4 million a season he won’t.  Not to end up wasting his time and beer money making the drunk chick's ex-boyfriend jealous and see her leave with him at bar close.

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