Friday, 6 July 2012

Does Lars Eller wear his helmet too tight?

There are suggestions, based on the reddish impressions on Lars Eller's forehead after games that he wears a poor fitting helmet, or at least one that is too tight.  The exact opposite is true.

I’m actually heartened that his helmet is obviously being worn snug on his head. A properly fitted helmet is worn tight, not loose, directly in contact with the skin and scalp, with no gaps. Most hockey players have an eggshell on with no padding that floats around and will do a poor job of absorbing any impact.

Hockey helmets will evolve and get to a point fairly quickly, maybe in five years, that they feel and are worn much as a football or motorcycle helmet, and will offer as much protection . You won’t see them bobbling around on top of a player’s head like we do currently.

Why is the NHL perpetually ten years behind the times, behind everyone else?

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