Thursday, 26 July 2012

Hey Sportscaster! (6)

Hey Jamie McLennan!  Easy on the mixed metaphors there, fella!

When describing an unpalatable situation that one got oneself into, it's okay to say that someone has made her bed, and now must lie in it, or that she has called the tune, and now has to pay the piper.  Both work, you're using the metaphor correctly, if you do so as above.

What you can't do is say: "The Nashville Predators have made their bed, now they have to pay the piper."  That's wrong, it's nonsensical, and it's called mixing metaphors.  Stop trying to be cute and stop using sayings you don't understand.  Stop it.

TSN should have an English professor on staff or at least on retainer to work with you, Mark Osborne, Darren Pang, Steve Kouleas, ...

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