Monday, 23 July 2012

It's time to repatriate James Wisniewski, and send away an unmentionable

Okay, so hear me out here. Don’t jump all over me for this, I’m just throwing pasghetti on the wall and seein’ if it sticks.
The Blue Jackets have a plethora of NHL calibre defencemen, lots of puck movers and offensively-oriented ones, and just added Jack Johnson last season and now Tim Erixon. They’re at the salary cap floor, and are a low-budget and revenue team, they can’t spend much beyond the floor. They’re kind of pinching pennies.
Meanwhile the Canadiens have a need for a right-handed defenceman who can shoot the puck on the powerplay, and need some grit and toughness back there.
Can you see a framework of a deal where we repatriate James Wisniewski for a package of youngsters and prospects and a veteran centreman who’s a leader and good in the room and will provide a higher cap hit than the salary he’s actually going to receive?  Maybe a Hispanic player might attract some ticket buyers in Ohio?

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