Friday, 22 June 2012

My man-crush on Michael Matheson, explained

I came across the name Michael Matheson midway through last season, he was touted by a poster on with some regularity.  There is a lot to like about him.

First, his description as a player is enticing, in that he's a decent-sized defenceman with outstanding skating ability and good hockey sense.  With that toolbox, he's got a great chance to make the NHL and be a good to great defenceman.

Second, he seems to be aware of what he needs to do to get there and has a plan, as opposed to just waiting it out and see how it turns out.  It's interesting that he feels he needs to spend a lot of time to work in the weight room to build size and strength and power, and he chose to go the USHL and NCAA route to allow him the time to dedicate himself to this area of his skill development, as opposed to the LHJMQ where he would play more games but not have time to lift and concentrate on schooling.

Third, his family seems to be a group of high achievers, athletically and otherwise, and they would form the perfect support network that Trevor Timmins has referred to as being an important consideration when drafting an 18 year old.

Last but not least, he's a local kid, having grown up on the West Island and grown up as a Habs fan.  This is an important consideration for me, I think that homeboys will care about the CH a little more, and will engender excitement in the next generation of hockey players for the Canadiens.  This is an advantage we have over the Columbuses and Nashvilles of the league, we need to capitalize on it.

Here's to hoping he slips through the first round and we can snag him at #33.

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