Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Is Trevor Timmins about to leave the Canadiens?

I've been worried about Trevor Timmins leaving, even before Marc Bergevin was appointed GM and brought with him a coterie of associates.  It's the natural order of things, the Circle of Life of the NHL, where a young driven talented guy gets poached by another organization for a promotion, or a régime change makes a few dominoes fall.  If anything though, the more collegiate atmosphere in the Bergevin era, one whereby he empowers his team members and allows them to flourish rather than micro-managing them possibly means that we have a better chance to retain Mr. Timmins.

If anything, the Trevor Timmins we have seen lately, at ease in front of the cameras and knowledgeable on the issues may mean that he feels comfortable in his role and may be less tempted to seek sunnier climes.  The vow by Marc Bergevin that he will beef up the scouting staff means more responsibility for him, and more resources.  The fact that he had the title of player development taken away can be seen in two ways, either a positive in that it allows him to focus on one task that he loves and enables him to do it well, or possibly it is seen negatively by him since it takes away a responsibility which he enjoyed.  Certainly the opportunity to speak about the coming draft and the prospects in the Canadiens' system to the media is a responsibility he enjoys and is well-suited for.

If I was Marc Bergevin, after the dust died down after the draft, I'd have a conversation with Trevor Timmins about his career path within the organization, what development steps he can take, and how to improve his chances when  the next big opportunity comes along.  If he is offered a clear picture of what his future holds, he will be less tempted to mail out resumes and send out feelers.  If he is headhunted, so be it, we shake his hand and wish him luck, and maybe down the road if need be and the circumstances are right we can repatriate him.

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