Monday, 18 June 2012

Bob McKenzie, take a bow.

I think it’s remarkable how trusted Bob McKenzie of TSN is in hockey circles. He’s a good broadcaster and communicator, writes well and explains his thoughts and opinions cogently. He doesn’t exaggerate or hype, he uses modifiers and conditionals liberally, so that he comes across as a temperate voice in an overheated marketplace.
The draft rankings he puts together every year is a great indication of the trust and credibility he holds in the NHL and hockey in general. We saw how guarded an organization can be around its draft planning with the Rick Dudley hire away from Toronto to Montréal, yet Mr. McKenzie manages to obtain the draft lists of numerous teams to put together his yearly ranking. That is all we need to know about his status in the league, and is why when I see a news source report that so-and-so is about to do this and that, I take it with a grain of salt and wait for confirmation, but when it’s Bob McKenzie reporting I sit up and take notice. The Claude Lapointe scoop he had was the latest example of how often he’s either right on the money, or quiet on an issue.

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