Monday, 4 June 2012

Darren Dreger tweets: Michel Thérrien to be the Canadiens coach

 Okay, so this is the part in the movie where the second-banana hero, the guy in the movie who's best buds with the hero, and may even be funnier, but isn't quite as handsome or tough or brave, think Goose in 'Top Gun' and you're on the right track, anyway that guy at this point would yell at the hero and the damsel in distress: "Go!  Save yourselves!" while the airlock creeped shut or the water rose in the engine room or he held the grenade in the cave/mine tunnel that was going to keep the ninjas/dinosaurs/Slavic bad guys from catching up while he nobly sacrificed himself.

We're at this juncture in our own escapade, the one that's lasted since Réjean Houle crowed about how insistent he was that he receive Jocelyn Thibault instead of Stéphane Fiset in return for Patrick Roy.  And team captain Mike Keane.  We've seen this in the movies before, Bruce Willis is about to win, except that he realizes that his daughter has been kidnapped and is being held hostage, or the bomb countdown was a sham, there's a second bomb under a secret compartment in the futuristic foot locker the bomb disposal experts were crowding around, or he just pulled the trigger to kill the bad guy, but his revolver was out of bullets, because he can't count to friggin' six, and the bad guy escapes by jumping off the skyscraper's roof and gets away.  And he still has the annoying rebellious teenage daughter in his clutches.

So just as we thought there was light at the end of the tunnel we now realize that it was actually the cliché'd headlight of the oncoming train.  We're not about to kiss the girl quite yet.  There will be some more bumps and bruises along the way.  We're likely to take a slug in the thigh or shoulder, nothing too bleedy, but it will make our final triumph even more worthy, against even more insurmountabler odds.

So it will be Michel Thérrien.  Probably.  Darren Dreger was a tool for his feeble attempt to play up to the Maple Leafs fans by suggesting a ridiculous, unnecessary and illogical compensation scheme for the Leafs to indemnify them for losing Rick Dudley to the Habs, but he's not that much of a tool.  He wouldn't stake his reputation on this scoop, without modifiers or attribution, if he wasn't certain.  So it will be Michel Thérrien.  

Michel Thérrien.  I kind of promised that I'd trust the, uh, brain trust of the Canadiens to know what they're doing, since they're the ones doing the interviewing and research, and that they'd hire the best coach possible.  But Michel Thérrien....

So what we must do now, and this isn't inconsistent, since I'm a big believer in succession planning, and since we shouldn't be caught in this same position of having few available candidates in two years or so, and I'm saying that without wanting to sound pessimistic, but what we have to do is stock Hamilton and and even Wheeling with young talented coaches who potentially have a future in the NHL.  Even if they get poached by other teams like Guy Boucher did, it's still not a bad idea to stock the pond with homeboys who we can poach back when needed.

Michel Thérrien....

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