Thursday, 7 May 2015

The World Hockey Championships' Canadian Team is a joy to watch.

I’m watching the Canada-Czech game from Monday, even though I already know the score. The hockey is actually entertaining, fast, back and forth, and no concussions from scrums after every whistle, like Oprah giving away Buicks.

“You get head trauma. AND YOU get head trauma! Everyone gets head trauma!”

Really enjoying these World Hockey Championships, the quality of play, and the work of the play-by-play team of Gord Miller and Ray Ferraro, who may be the best in the business, on an equal footing with Pierre Houde and Marc Denis. It’s criminal how Gary Bettman handed the TV contract to Sportsnet, and left TSN on the sidelines, with all that experience and talent.

The Canadian team is a joy to watch, great forward lines, with Matt Duchene centering Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle probably being the most eye-catching so far.

My favourite player and best surprise is Brent Burns, I never really got to watch him play before, usually I’m watching the Canadiens or more often the Canucks play against him, so I don’t really notice him. Now that he’s on my team, I’m paying attention, and he’s very good. His stick is really quick, he lulls opponents into thinking they have a passing lane, and then snaps when they try to sneak the puck through. He’s very entertaining in the offensive zone, not afraid to carry the puck and charge the net. Great stuff.

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