Thursday, 7 May 2015

Let's get Jiri Sekac back with the Canadiens. And keep Devante Smith-Pelly.

Okay, not every trade can be like a James Neal acquisition by the Pens a few seasons ago, or a Dale Weise for a Raphaël Diaz we have no further use for.  You can't expect those every time you pull the trigger.

I had great hopes that Devante Smith-Pelly would be a great acquisition, partly due to my fanboy admiration for this pick from the Ducks, who played NHL games early in his career and stood head and shoulders over his draft class neighbours.

I also thought the fit, the complement of attributes he brought would be well-received on this roster.  He was the big tough winger who wouldn't shirk from contact, would Bruin-proof our roster a little bit more, and slotted in easily on the right side.

The goals would come I thought.  If Dale Weise can bloom here, so can Devo, with his even better pedigree.  The deflection Scott Hartnell-goals scored in the crease, in the slot, they'll come.

But it hasn't transpired.  Yet.  Sometimes a recipe looks great, until you try it a couple of times.  A super-group gets you all excited until the first album.  A Doug Wickenheiser doesn't become what you thought he'd be, despite the fact that he's everything you ever wanted, your 'gros joueur de centre' to take his rightful place between Steve Shutt and Guy Lafleur.  You end up making do with Keith Acton.

So Devo hasn't been a revelation.

Neither has Jiri in Anaheim.  François Beauchemin was quite clear when interviewed, he was acquired to play on left wing next to Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry, the seventh or eighth such experiment for the Ducks the last little while.  And now he's healthy-scratched.

So, no team got swindled or anything.  Even steven.

But, since they're not using him, let's get Jiri back from the Ducks.  We'll gladly have him back.

You guys spent a low-ish second-rounder on Devo a few seasons back, how about we give you one of those to make you whole, and you send back Jiri, and we're all good, done with it?  Cool?

Except, we don't have a second-rounder Bob Murray, so you'll take a third, and you'll like it.

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