Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Ron Reusch on Guy Boucher.

I like Ron Reusch as a personality, like the fact that his blog gives us something to chew over in the fallow summer months, but this article is shoddy.  It would be great if Mr. Reusch correctly used the words its and it's.

He also calls Marc Bergevin "Bergeron" in the final paragraph.

And don't get me started with the habit he has of using the internet wackery of starting sentences with "..." when he does his pre-game notes.  Those are an eyesore, I wish a professional journalist would not do that.  I actually refuse to read those.

That lack of attention makes his site less than a must-read, and makes me wonder what else he's getting wrong.

So I really like the content of this article, the recent history of the powerplay and how it correlates with some coaching staff changes, but it's a bit of a pain to read.  And I'm not sure I can trust the info with those other errors in the article.

As far as the Guy Boucher comments, I'd love it if he was hired by the Canadiens, but I'm not sure of the dynamics, of having a guy who is obviously gunning for a head coaching job as the assistant.  It works sometimes, we seen guys go back to assistant duty before returning as head coach, but it's relatively rare.

Plus, I want to stockpile Mr. Boucher, have him on hand as a 'callup' if Michel Therrien loses his magic touch.  If he's a Canadiens assistant coach, it would be hard for him to pivot and become the head coach, that's been a problem for others in the past, it rarely works.

Finally, Ron Reusch refers to "some of the stuff Bucher (sic) pulled while coaching Tampa Bay", which I think is a tired fallacy, based mainly on the say-so of congenital idiot Chris Pronger.  Guy Boucher played a defensive system, we should get over it.  It only became a circus when the Flyers got involved.  Big surprise.

If Guy Boucher had had a goaltender while in Tampa, his tenure would have been much longer, and more successful, based on his success and his players' testimonials from his days as a Bulldogs coach.

In any case, this may be a case of us having tunnel vision, thinking that there isn't anyone else out there who can help beside Guy Boucher.  There are plenty of candidates who have proven themselves in junior, university hockey, the AHL, etc.

Social media has focused on Dan Lacroix as the possible/likely culprit of the impotence of the powerplay, but I wouldn't hesitate on including Clément Jodoin in our bullseye as well.  He's the video and strategy guy, the man who's supposed to break down opponents, figure out how to attack them.  The powerplay was kind of toothless when Gerard Gallant was in charge of it too.  And Clément Jodoin is a common denominator to both.  If his wonkish style is ineffective, isn't getting through to his charges, his role should be reviewed too, not just Dan Lacroix's.

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