Friday, 29 May 2015

The Canadiens' and Trevor Timmins' draft record is excellent.

I guess I’ll keep posting these whenever the Canadiens’ recent drafting record/Trevor Timmins is questioned.

1) Last year, I came across some articles skewering the Canucks on their poor drafting record. One article had a system for evaluating objectively how Vancouver did. Some of it is hilarious.  It's also interesting, but most of all for how well the Canadiens do in that review.

2) Derek Willes did a study a couple years ago to see which team did the best at the draft table, and was surprised to find that the Canadiens did. Andrew Berkshire was skeptical, modified the methodology, and still the Canadiens and Trevor Timmins come out on top.

The Canadiens haven’t batted a thousand at the draft, nobody does. For every David Fischer we have, other teams have their Hugh Jessimans and Patrick Whites.

Any doubt some may have as to Trevor Timmins' and his staff's ability to do the most with the picks they have comes from a mistaken belief that, you know, at least half the picks we make should become regulars, right?  But that's not how it works.

Compared to every other team, using whatever objective method you can devise, the Canadiens' and Trevor Timmins' drafting record holds up very well.

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