Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Should the Canadiens sign Dustin Penner to preempt the Bruins?

I’ve been wondering if Marc Bergevin will go dumpster diving in August to provide depth to his team, possibly on the wing(s), with the likely bargains in my mind guys like David Booth, Dustin Penner, Devin Setoguchi. Get one of those wingers at a 1 or 2 million dollar deal for one year, and if it works great, if not, bury them somewhere, loan them to an AHL club (not the Bulldogs if they’re a problem).  But I suspect that any of these guys would be very motivated if they ended up in that situation, and would work very hard to earn another, bigger contract. They’d be out to prove themselves.

With the signing of Jiri Sekac though, and the encouraging reports regarding Jacob De La Rose, I think it’s going to hinge on how the development camp goes. If these guys look good, our management may choose to stand pat, and promote from within. So I’m not so sure anymore that we will tack on a cheap veteran or two later this summer, as we did last season.

Oh, wait… It just occurred to me.

Dustin Penner will sign with the Bruins, and they’ll have that 240 lbs monster on their team, suddenly feeling his oats and throwing his weight around, because he’s, you know, a Bruin…  With the Caps, he wasn't feeling it, but slip on that black and diarrhea-yellow jersey on, and now he feels like a tough guy.

Damn. It just came to me, and now I’m convinced it will happen.

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