Tuesday, 1 July 2014

On James Reimer, Dave Nonis tries to spin Randy Carlyle's foot out of the Leafs' mouth, fails.

Dave Nonis dissembling on James Reimer and the comments from his coach Randy Carlyle during his free agency press conference:

"I don't see where this coach thing comes up with all the players.  I don't know what the coach did wrong with James Reimer, except for one time say 'I thought he was okay tonight'.  Most other cities that's not a big deal, but here it's huge..."

Bullspit.  Absolute crock.  That's not what Randy Carlyle said.

"I thought he was okay.  Just okay," was the exact quote, and it's a world apart from what Dave Nonis is saying.

When Randy Carlyle took the time to add that pointed "Just okay", he was sending a clear message to his goalie, in public, that he thought he'd played a very average game.  The extra phrase stressed the mediocrity of the performance.  It didn't underscore the adequacy of his showing that night, but rather the opposite.

Look Dave, it's all on tape, in 0's and 1's in the cloud, in the noosphere.  You can't snow us.  Your coach took a shot at his goalie, and everyone heard it.  Don't try to spin us.

The fact that you're lying about it, that you're telling us one thing when it's clearly the other, is what makes this a big deal, still.  If you took it on truthfully, head on, it would dissipate, rather than build.

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