Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Mike Weaver instrumental in the Canadiens' signing of Tom Gilbert?

I wonder how much Mike Weaver might have played a role in getting Tom Gilbert to sign in Montréal, if they kept in contact during the latter's playoff chase, if they talked, if Mike told him how good things were in terms of the facilities and the atmosphere, and how awesome it was to play.

And/or, did this conversation happpen during the 5-day window?  Both their deals were announced essentially at the same time.  Was there some legal collusion, did they coordinate to come to Montréal together, with Canadiens management?

Like some posters said, the Josh Gorges debacle won't do us any favours, but overall, maybe the mood is shifting around the league on whether to play for the Canadiens or not.

EDIT: Based on this phone press-conference held with Tom Gilbert (and Manny Malhotra), the only contact he had with Mike Weaver was a text message after the deal was struck.  So there goes our theory.

That was the other side of the coin that I wondered about, whether the two righties were actually rivals, jockeying for a contract with the Habs against one another.

So yeah, you want speculation, I got speculation...

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