Sunday, 13 July 2014

After a successful Canadiens development camp, let's stay calm.

Okay, the draft, July 1 free agency have passed, now the prospects camp is over.  We have a long wait to go until rookie camp.  Our job now is to be patient and keep our expectations in check.

I mean, both the Canucks and the Flames also think they had great talent in their camp, their future is bright, their first-rounders are augmented by a lot of shrewd late-round picks, …

Two years ago at this time, Habs fans were high-fiving each other on social media, thinking how great our prospects pool was, how the Bulldogs would do well with that infusion of talent.  

Our closest to being ready players were Louis Leblanc and Blake Geoffrion.  We'd picked up snipers that summer in Sebastian Collberg and Tim Bozon, to add their offensive talent to Danny Kristo's in the near future.  One of late-round 'steals' Daniel Prybil or Charles Hudon was bound to pan out.  Alexander Avtsin was going to finally get his bearings and get going.  With that much offensive talent on the forwards group, we couldn't find room for everyone in our line combination projections.

Yet how quickly things have changed with respect to these specific players.  The first three are now no longer in our organization, and neither are Danny Kristo and Alex Avtsin. Tim Bozon was felled by a viral meningitis and is taking months to recover.  Daniel Prybil never panned out and wasn't signed to a contract.  Charles Hudon has been slowed by a (gulp!) back injury.

We were warned by a few grizzled Habs watchers to stay calm before, they'd bring up the ghosts of Chipchura and Latendresse, but we wanted to get carried away, it was so much fun.  Let's see if we can keep a more even keel this time.

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