Monday, 11 November 2013

Taxpayers of Glendale soaked by the NHL's Coyotes, and now the NFL.

The city of Glendale, AZ isn't just at odds with the NHL and the Renaissance group and the succession of carpetbaggers who tried and tried and eventually succeeded in getting the taxpayers to finance their acquisition of the team.  They're also feuding with the NFL over various issues relative to the 2015 Super Bowl.  Apparently, the game itself will be in Glendale, but a lot of the parties and activities relative to it will be held in Phoenix proper.

One item in this article that is noteworthy is how the Cardinals put in a bid for the management contract of the Glendale arena, but weren't successful.  In fact, the management contract, which has the city paying the owners of the Coyotes to run the facility, never went out to tender, it was just given to the new owners of the NHL team.  Which makes one wonder just how much of a headache is this management gig, how onerous is it, or was it just another plum the NHL extorted from the taxpayers.

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