Saturday, 16 November 2013

Hamilton Bulldogs lose to 5-3 to Monsters

Meanwhile, back in Hamilton, the Bulldogs suffered their sixth consecutive defeat, falling to the Lake Erie Monsters 5-3.

Not great times for our farm team.  I thought we'd gotten rid of a lot of marginal players from last year, added some AHL vets, and our rooks from last year would be more mature, so we'd be more competitive this season, but this is a bit of a rough patch.  I didn't listen to the broadcast, but the previous game Derek Wills called out the marquee Bulldogs for not performing as AHL All-Stars, and I believe he was pointing the finger at Nathan Beaulieu and Jarred Tinordi, based on context.  It would be nice if these guys seized the team by the collar and dragged it to victories by the strength of their effort and production.

No time to panic, we need to be patient, but evidently we shouldn't look to Hamilton for obvious reinforcements, at least for a while.

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