Monday, 25 November 2013

Canadiens release Erik Nystrom from his PTO with the Bulldogs

The Canadiens have released Erik Nystrom from his 25-game Professional Try-Out contract with the Hamilton Bulldogs.  While he showed promise early and some skill, the tangible results were still not apparent.  He had tallied five points in 17 games.

Practically, this doesn't affect the team's future plans too much.  He had been picked up at the 2012 Draft with a sixth round pick, and was touted by Trevor Timmins as a possible dark-horse surprise candidate.  The Canadiens' scouting staff had come to know Mr. Nystrom while scouting another player, and had been impressed by some aspects of his game, namely speed, effort and skill.  So the Hail Mary didn't connect on this one.

Mr. Nystrom has already entered a contract to play in the KHL, apparently.  He'll get an opportunity to work on his game and continue to develop.  Obviously, the equation as of now didn't add up, he wasn't seen as being worth one of the 50 contracts the organization is limited to.

The only qualm I have about this is how the Canadiens' organization that June was bereft of a goalie prospect.  Aside from Carey Price, there were no frontline options on the team, even down the line a bit.  So when the sixth round came along, I fully expected us to take a developmental guy, someone who would need to work on his game for a while, but had some tools and upside.  Maybe some longshot European goalie, or a LHJMQ kid playing on a poor team, without great stats but facing lots of rubber and getting an education, but quick.

Sure enough, Victoriaville's Brandon Whitney was still available then, but the Canadiens passed him over in favour of Mr. Nystrom.  The Blackhawks claimed Brandon Whitney in the seventh round.  The rich get richer.

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