Friday, 8 November 2013

Hamilton Bulldogs allow four goals in a minute, lose 6-1

The Bulldogs were dominating play against the Grand Rapids Griffins, outshooting them, but were down 2-0 in the second period when Drew Schiestel seemed to have scored on a wraparound.  The call on the ice was no goal, it went to video review, and the call was upheld.

Then the roof caved in.  The Griffins scored on four consecutive shots, in 1 minute and thirteen seconds.  Robert Mayer let in three of them, and then Dustin Tokarski allowed another promptly upon being sent in to staunch the bleeding.  So 6 goals on 18 shots so far, while the 'Dogs have shot 28 times and been shut out.

Play-by-play man Derek Wills took time, when Nathan Beaulieu was trying to get after a Griffin during a post-whistle scrum, to point out that there was a difference between showing character, and showing frustration and indiscipline.  Very shortly after, he took the time to say he wasn't naming names, but that some of the Bulldogs who had recently been sent down from the Canadiens weren't playing like elite AHL'ers, as they should be.

Gabriel Dumont took a knee-on-knee hit, for which Akim Aliu and Nick Tarnasky instantly went looking for payback, which is good, but kind of detracts from our theory that these types of players will prevent other teams from taking liberties with our smaller players.  I guess it's not an either-or situation, it's analog and not digital, in that having some toughness on our team will deter some mindlessness and goonery but not prevent it entirely.

Final score 6-1 in the Bulldogs’ loss, with Sven Andrighetto spoiling the shutout on a power play in the final minute. Announcers stressing that the game wasn’t as lopsided as the final score would indicate.

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