Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sure, Tyler Séguin is immature, but he's a 21-year old rich kid, what can we expect?

The whys and wherefores on Tyler Séguin's "immaturity" is easy to find in the papers.  From reports on his drinking and partying after games, while players are now expected to return home to hit the hay and 'be professional', to his Twitter antics, the bloom has faded.  The Toronto Star is ready to revisit how catastrophic Brian Burke's Phil Kessel for two first-round picks and a second really was.

So yeah, with cellphones and Instagram nowadays, the celebrity lifestyle may no longer be all it's cracked up to be.  While Guy Lafleur, Chris Chelios and Shayne Corson, among many, many others, took full advantage of Montréal's vibrant night life, and were able to keep a relatively low profile and avoid the details being broadcast, nowadays a player can't be seen in public without people rushing up to them wanting to take a picture.  It's kind of hard to be boozy at the club at 0100 hr and not have it Twittergram-ed all over MySpace the next day.

Tyler Seguin's father explains that while his teammates all go home to their families after games, he is alone in Boston, with his family back in Toronto.  He does have friends his own age, but of course when they socialize they all want to hit the pubs and nightclubs.

Which makes you wonder, why not leave a kid in junior for an extra year or two, or let them go to college, and let them be kids, get the partying and craziness out of their system?  Tyler Séguin turned pro at 18, and immediately had to act like a banker, eating right, sleeping, abstaining from drinking, going out.  His buddies are probably having more fun than he is right now.

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