Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mike Brown, idiot-son of Paul Brown and owner of the NFL Bengals, has an opinion on all this concussion nonsense

Cosseted plutocrat Bengals-owner Mike Brown, monopolist, racketeer, profiteer off-the-public-teat extraordinaire and living fossil, speaks out on concussions, harrumphing that they're not a big deal, there used to be concussions back in the day, too.


He also used to wear an onion on his belt.  Which was the style at the time.

That this shill and science-denier inherited the Bengals from his father, who actually knew something about and loved football, is Exhibit A on the perils of nepotism and the crying need for a massive estate tax in the U.S.A. and in general.

These oligarchs don't think a McDonald's employee should get a raise, and certainly not a living wage, since as Charles Koch asserts, it kills the incentive for individuals to go out and start their own businesses.  He wants a little more competition in society, less safety net.  Well then, let's not allow rich-kid buffoons like Mike Brown to inherit his daddy's team and live off the good people of Cincinnati his entire life.  Let's dispossess him of the Bengals, which taxpayers have bought and paid for many times over, and throw him on the street and have him display his survival of the fittest bona fides.

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  1. You can also extrapolate this commentary to include Hockey's version of the out of touch senile old fart, Don Cherry. Another dinosaur from a way-by-gone era.

    Bare-knuckle fighting, concussions, pussy visor wearers and worthless European softies all part of his schtick. Brown makes one dumb-ass comment and the media jumps on him. Why does Cherry always get a free ride?

    Its high time for Cherry to be taken off the air.