Tuesday, 2 July 2013

'Hal Gill hates Michel Therrien' is a rumour, nothing more

Okay, let's nip this rumour in the bud.  Hal Gill didn't say he didn't want to play for Michel Therrien.  At least, we can't state that for certain.  He's not on the record as such.

This all started from a blurb from Dave Stubbs' article.  The quote:

"One prominent unrestricted free agent I’ve spoken with since regular-season’s end could be a nice fit in Montreal at a decent price and would fill a Habs need.

"But then I floated the name of Therrien among potential Canadiens coaches, a suggestion that drew 30 seconds of stone-cold silence. Finally:

“If that happens,” he said, “I’ve got 29 teams I can play for.”

Now, some sharp-minded HIO'istes deduced that it must have been Hal Gill who said that.  That's not a bad guess, but is just a guess nonetheless.  Whoever the 'prominent UFA' is, we can't say for certain.

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