Friday, 5 April 2013

Will the Leafs slide out of the playoffs, or is it too late?

I've been depending on the Leafs mid-season swoon, then collapse out of a playoff spot, but worry that they've left it too late.  Why undo a streak that's been lovingly nurtured since 2004?  It's kind of mesmerizing to see a buffoon of a gambler keep betting on black, and see the ball land on red, every damn time.

I want Greater Toronto/Mike Nonis to feel the wrath of the hockey gods for believing their fate was secure in the hands of Reimer-Scrivens.  Silly, pathetic Blue mortals, don't you know that we have designs on you, that you are helpless marionettes in our Punch and Judy show?  Had you manned up and brunged in Uberman Roberto Luongo, you might have had a shot at rewriting your destiny.

Sports Club Stats has them down to a 98% chance of making the playoffs, a slide from the near 100% chance they had before their recent skid.  But I won't put it past them.  Those Mike Kostka boneheadisms and giveaways are getting more costly as the jerseys get tighter around the collar.  Surely they see the Joffrey Lupul concussion as an ill portend?  Even 'Homer'-Joe Bowen must see it?

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