Saturday, 13 April 2013

There is no Habs-Leafs rivalry

I need to say this again: there is no Habs-Leafs rivalry.  I have never seen them as a rival.  It's always been Nordiques, Bruins, Flyers, in that order.  The other teams are mere opponents.  Schedule fillers.  They provide a different colour, a contrasting jersey on the telecasts.

If anything, maybe anglophone fans have been brain-washed into believing that a rivalry now exists, after many fallow years, subjected as they are to TSN hype and HNIC's resident lunatic's homoerotic crimes.  Most French-Canadian fans though are insulated from the Toronto media's attempts to validate their team by comparing it to ours, and wouldn't think of the Leafs as a rival.  They're a regular annoyance that has to be dealt with, like the Sabres or Senators.  C'est tout.

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