Tuesday, 23 April 2013

After elbowing, concussing, and now slashing Daniel Sedin, I like Duncan Keith less and less

I don't really know Duncan Keith, but is he as much of a jerk as he seems?  Everyone remembers the unconscionable elbow he threw at Daniel Sedin last season, that concussed him and that probably derailed the Canucks' playoffs.

Last night, with Daniel Sedin on a clean breakaway, Duncan Keith was two steps behind and as Daniel made his move and scored on the goalie, Mr. Keith took a huge two-handed slash at him.  No penalty was called, but that's because the NHL is the NHL, and Gary Bettman is busy selling outdoor games in L.A.  Anyway, when Mr. Keith was questioned about it, he seems to have gotten pretty defensive and snarky, and dismissive of a reporter doing her job.

Anyone have any insight on Duncan Keith?  Douche majeure?  Because if I judge him by his public actions, which is all I have to go on, this guy shows such bad character he should be a Boston Bruin.

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