Thursday, 25 April 2013

Colin Sullivan and the Canadiens high-reward future

 Interesting article on Hockey's Future about the Canadiens prospects and their picks for various awards.  Good reading, makes you feel optimistic about our team's future.

One note about their pick for Colin Sullivan as the winner in the "High Risk/High Reward" category.  We have starkly different definitions as to what constitutes 'high risk', since the young gentleman was picked in 2011 in the seventh round, 198th overall.  He's also, according to the Googlesphere, a big tough kid who's a dependable defenceman and who skates very well.  Spending a seventh-round choice on such a player is not exactly a gamble in my books.  If you wanted to read his progress since he was drafted in the most positive light, you could argue that he was a Low Risk/High Reward prospect right now.

Instead, the real "High Risk/High Reward" winner should be Alex Galchenyuk.  The Canadiens could have played it safe last summer and picked a big strong defenceman, since there were many candidates available, or steady big winger Filip Forsberg, who projects to be a talented, dependable NHL forward, but instead they went with the Sarnia Sting centreman, despite his knee injury and reconstruction (High Risk), because of his huge huge talent and upside (High Reward).  Spending the #3 overall pick on a player with a suspect knee took guts, and it looks like it will pay off.

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