Thursday, 24 March 2016

Should the Canadiens re-sign Tom Gilbert on a short-term contract, to retain an asset?

"Okay, hear me out.  Don't be so quick to dismiss."

[Crowd mutters, pre-emptively angry]

"We sign Tom Gilbert..." [ducks a rotten tomato]

[Crowd leaves its seats and gestures at the stage, at each other]

"No listen!... Gimme a chance here.  We sign Tom Gilbert..." [flinches at nothing at all]

"...and we play him a dozen games next season..."

[Mutters and murmurs have grown to a roar as some audience members clamber onto the stage]

"...but just to showcase him..." [is swarmed by a mob who knock the microphone stand down and headlock/drag/carry the speaker stage left]

"...(muffled) trade... mpfffasset..." [dull thud of fist making explosive contact with ribs]

[As William Wallace addressing his army of Scotsmen]

"...For the Draft!  For the Draft!..."

[Voice dies away]

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