Sunday, 6 March 2016

Is Michel Therrien singularly bad as a NHL coach?

Fun game: who is this article (excerpts) about?

Hint: it’s an NHL coach.
The(y) don’t have enough talent… They have too many injuries, and everybody knows that too. But it’s still hard to fathom they (…) look flat-out terrible at times, especially at home.

At some point, you have to start discussing how much of this responsibility lies with the coach. No matter who he has at his disposal to dress.

Sound familiar? There’s more.
A lot of this gnawing feeling grows from (his) stubbornness, a trait you heard plenty about… A bad home record is often a product of not getting the right matchups on the ice when you should be able to.

The power play continues to struggle. (…) Deployment is an issue.

(…) we’ve watched immortals like XXX suit up for a franchise that once employed YYY and ZZZ…

One of his biggest failings this year has been how his constant line shuffling has impacted XXX. Other teams have gotten regular linemates for their stars….

Everyone can take one guess. No Googling allowed.

Another hint: your first guess may not be your best guess.

But if you must have the answer...

So I guess my point is, as a social media contributor posted out, that there are more than one 'bad' coaches in the NHL.

Also, that the oft-cited “most qualified, regardless of language” label is a chimera, much more difficult to discern than objective ones like ‘the Fastest Man on Earth’ or the National Spelling Bee champion. That it’s dependent on conditions, there are no sterile lab conditions where you can test that, one candidate vs. another, and come up with a 100% certain answer.

Finally, that we tend to echo-chamber ourselves into fixations as Canadiens fans, that looking over the fence at the neighbour’s yard often reveals their grass isn’t all that green after all.

And I say this as a member of the ‘Take Guy Boucher off the market right friggin’ now’ faction.

I’d also like if Benoit Groulx replaced Sylvain Lefebvre in St. John’s. Marc Bergevin says he’s always trying to improve the team, maybe that should apply to coaching staffs, and maybe we’re seeing the incumbent struggling to break through a ceiling. I think Mr. Groulx has lots of potential and experience, and has nothing left to learn in the LHJMQ. Let’s bring him in the fold, stock the pond.

Éric Veilleux is also one I’d keep an eye on, lots of leadership and charisma, coached Michaël Bournival and Morgan Ellis to a Memorial Cup in Shawinigan.

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