Saturday, 19 April 2014

Hockey Night in Canada invites Nazem Kadri as guest host, turns its back on all Canadian hockey fans outside Toronto

A thought about the revolting decision of Hockey Night in Canada to have Nazem Kadri sitting in on their panel tomorrow night. Why they would ask that cheating dirty punk to be a part of their show demonstrates how far out of touch they are, how they think their market consists of Toronto and the irrelevant boonies.

Why not a Jet like Andrew Ladd or a Canuck like Kevin Bieksa, a Senator like Chris Phillips? Why does it have to be a frigging Leaf, like we don’t already suffer from overexposure on those guys?

Is it the Team Canada at the World Championships angle? Like I said, there are other Canadian boys out there who’ll be on that team and who we barely ever hear from on HNIC or TSN. Mark Giordano had a tremendous season for the gutty Flames, yet we don’t know anything about him. Let’s get him in the studio.

Do you want to dissect the soap opera that was the Leafs this season? Well how about a young Oiler, a Taylor Hall or Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, they’re camera-friendly and well-spoken, and can touch on the tumult at Northlands this winter, if it’s the drama you’re after.

But no, again with the Nazem Kadri, I bet Don Cherry is already salivating.

HNIC is circling the drain, but is determined to go down in a blaze of suckiness, and wrap itself in the most mediocre hockey team in the nation, resolute to abdicate its role as a national broadcaster.

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  1. The TBC, I mean CBC is so Toronto centric that with the Leafs out of the playoffs the next best thing is to invite one to the already pathetic panel that they have assembled. I fail to see what great insight Kadri can provide that some of the names you mentioned could not.