Sunday, 20 April 2014

CBC should think of spoiler-proofing its HNIC on-demand menu

I had the Blue Jackets-Penguins game on PVR, but I’m more of a casual fan with that one obviously, so I didn’t think to allow for overtime. So after the third, with my recording running out, and being too late to catch up to the live game, I tell myself maybe I can watch the overtime on on their ‘On Demand’ service.

Now, I was as careful as I could to not see a score or news headline telling me who won, shielding my screen with my hand to block out any potential spoilers. I keep clicking until I get to the menu screen, where you can choose which game you want to watch. Here is the way they labeled the game:

Columbus 4 at Pittsburgh 3 (2OT)

Wouldn’t it make sense, for the first 24 hours maybe, to title the game as “Game 2″ or with the date or something?

There’s a serious disconnect between the administrators of that site and the goals and needs of their potential clients. Which I am no longer,since now that I know the score, I’ll just watch the highlights on SportsCentre.

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