Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Francis Bouillon wants to play for the Canadiens next season

Interesting article on RDS, an interview with Francis Bouillon, who states that he still wants to play next season.  Which shouldn't be surprising, who would really want to walk away from a job like that, but I'd conditioned myself into thinking that everyone knew, the fans, the team, the coaches, the management team in the offices upstairs at the New Forum, that this was Francis' last season.

I kind of thought that he might play in Switzerland or elsewhere in Europe for a couple of seasons, to finish out his career, ease out of it with a nice experience.  When I learned that he has a son who plays minor hockey on a line with Mathieu Darche's twin boys, I realized that was less likely, that he'd uproot his family for a sinecure in Europe, but still, I thought the NHL was out of the question for him.

Personally, I want the Canadiens to refrain from re-signing Mike Weaver or Francis next season, we need to clear out the roster for the Magnus Nygrens, the Tinordi-Beaulieu-Pateryn triumvirate, whenever these guys are ready.  And if we find that we do need a veteran placeholder, let's sign up a Jeff Schultz or a Ryan O'Byrne, a big rightie to be the #6-7 d-man, not a smallish leftie.

So like I said, interesting, in that I thought this decision was already made, by mutual consent, but apparently not, the Bull would like to return.  If for no other reason, that may play in our hands, in that he'll be super-duper extra motivated these playoffs, to prove he's still got it, as he did on Saturday against Derek Dorsett.

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