Sunday, 9 March 2014

Did Larry Robinson really want to coach the Canadiens?

I’m on the record as wanting Larry Robinson to be hired as the defencemen’s coach last time around, but it’s inaccurate to say that he wanted to come here and management didn’t.

A Gazette reporter contacted him shortly after Jean-Jacques Daigneault was hired to get to the bottom of this. When asked why he didn’t get the job or even interview for the job, he responded with this shaggy dog story about his cellphone not being charged or missing texts, and his house being flooded and promising to call the next day but then something else happened, another team was contacting him, …

While the picture is muddled as to what exactly transpired, if Larry had wanted the job, something could have been arranged, despite all the other complications. It seemed to me that Larry is still not over some of the past slights, real or perceived, he suffered while a Canadien, and that he’s not quite comfortable working for the team still.

So let’s not keep repeating this meme that Larry Robinson wanted to coach here but was rebuffed, it’s untrue, and saying in over and over won’t make it so.

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