Friday, 7 March 2014

Devils, Lou Lamoriello get away with murd..., cap circumvention

The Devils no longer have to forfeit their first-round pick for the cap-circumvention penalty on the Ilya Kovalchuk deal? After stalling for years, putting off the draft they’d surrender their pick until the last possible moment, they get a call from the Commissioner giving them a reprieve? Should we be surprised at this kind of justice, given the state of NHL refereeing, and the state of the hands and wrists of the Canadiens after a night of playing through Corey Perry slashes under the somnolent eye of the zebras?

There were some cynics at the time the penalty was announced who swore there would be some conspiracy or dodge and the Devils would never have to pay. They’re being proven right.

Who thinks the Canadiens would have gotten a reduced sentence if they’d been caught cheating? Or the Calgary Flames?

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