Friday, 28 March 2014

Ben Scrivens says the Oilers' jersey is sacred. He should have acted like it is.

Just to get this off my chest about the jersey thrown on the ice in Edmonton, I appreciated what Ben Scrivens had to say in response, much more than Dallas Eakins' pompous, fabricated reaction the first time, but Ben kind of flubbed it with what he did with the jersey.  Instead of picking it up with his hockey stick, like a teammate's dirty underwear on the floor of the dressing room, and flinging it over the boards like dog poop into the neighbour's yard, he should have acted like the jersey was indeed sacred.  He should have taken it off the ice, brushed it off, folded it, and maybe handed it to a youngster sitting near the boards, not disposed of it like a hornet's nest.

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