Monday, 25 March 2013

The coming NHL expansion won't be kind to the Canadiens

I just had a depressing thought.  In two years or so, inevitably, the NHL will expand by two more teams.  Phoenix, like Andrea on "The Walking Dead", just won't die.  Gary Bettman will insist on implanting a franchise in Seattle and another in Portland or Las Vegas or Mexico City or Caracas.  He may grudgingly decide to move the Florida Panthers to Québec to quell a Canadian fan rebellion, but definitely, he's going to put two new NHL teams in the West.  Because that's what the game needs, is 46 more of the most talented AHL'ers hooking and holding on to Sidney Crosby for dear life, and slashing and cross-checking Pavel Datsyuk to make sure he's tough enough for Don Cherry's assent.

So yeah, two expansion teams in a couple of years, which means an expansion draft.  Right when the Canadiens roster and farm system will be bursting at the seams with young talent.  We're going to get plundered back to the Stone Age.

Great timing.  Not a chance that this could have happened when Andreas Dackell and Patrick Traverse were on our roster and could have been had for the asking.  No sir.

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