Thursday, 28 March 2013

Jarome is not a Bruin! Jarome is not a Bruin!

 What a night for me.  I watched the first period, PVR'd the rest of the game and went to practice, where I warned everyone not to tell me the score.  They were all messing with me, I didn't know what to expect when I got back, but from the tone was expecting good things.  I got home and the second period was awful, I thought the guys got into my head, but then the comeback.  I knew the guys wouldn't have known how the game went from around 1830 hr or so (2130 hr EDST) since they had to leave home to come to practice also, so they thought they were messing with me, but I now had the last laugh.  So a great ending to a great game, and a great night, tarnished by the fact that Jarome Iginla would now be a Bruin, and be even more tarnished.

So I wake up this morning and find that instead, Jarome is a Penguin.  I double and triple-checked on a couple of different morning newscasts to make sure, so convinced was TSN last night that the deal with Boston was done.

Now I know he will make the Pens even more formidable, but I can handle losing to them if it comes to that.  Having a clean hard-fought series against Pittsburgh is something I'd look forward to.  Having to muck it out against the Goouins, however, is a lot to stomach.  I can grudgingly accept that Patrice Bergeron is on that team, but seeing Jarome in black and diarrhea yellow would have been too much.  So for me, this is great news.

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