Saturday, 30 March 2013

Game 34: Canadiens 3, Rangers 0

  • So, less than a minute into the game, Michael Ryder scores an easy goal, and I don't know who John Tortorella will strangle during the first intermission as a result, whether substitute goalie Martin Biron, the defence pairing of Roman Hamrlik and Ryan McDonagh, or all the ineffectual Rangers who were on the ice.
  • Are fans at the New Forum booing Ryan McDonagh? Isn't that completely uncalled for?  He didn't ask to be traded in one of the most mind-boggling trades in Canadiens history.
  • What a great support of the attack by P.K., and he gets the assist on the Tomas Plekanec goal.  Canadiens increase the lead after killing off a penalty, 2-0.
  • Carey Price is sharp tonight. Maybe the secret is to not block too many shots, let him get bombarded and in the game.  17 shots in the first period only.
  • Marc Denis commenting that P.K.'s shot is so powerful you expect he'll score every time.  He causes Biron to give a rebound on the powerplay, David Desharnais whacks at it, then Brendan Gallagher buries it.  3-0
  • Love the way P.K. is handling the puck in the opposition zone. Good puck skills, but he doesn't try to do too much, makes the safe play and puts the puck deep in the corner.
So tonight was the P.K and Carey show.  The two pillars upon which we expect to build the next dynasty and win consecutive Cups with.  Things are as they should be.  Michael Ryder is providing offence and a steady presence on the Tomas Plekanec line.  The Markov-Emelin pairing settled down after a rough outing in Boston.  Nathan Beaulieu gave us the offensive leanings and skating exhibition we were expecting, with the rough patches we were also expecting, but he didn't kill us.  Joy.

If we want to look for warts, we can start with last year's #1 line pairing of David Desharnais and Max Pacioretty.  Those guys aren't not trying, but they're not getting results.  It would be fine if they were playing well but the puck just wasn't going in, but it's more worrisome than that.  They look disjointed, ineffectual.  They're chasing the puck, always a step behind, instead of anticipating the play as they did last season.  People are starting to point at David's new contract, but I don't see a satisfied player taking his foot off the gas, a guy who's not trying.  I see a guy who last year would guess right, would win puck battles with smarts and a quick stick but this season is having more difficulty.  Time for Michel Therrien to pull one of his personnel moves/line switches that always work out.

We could say that we won this one because the Rangers have given up on their coach and their season, but it doesn't do justice to this team, that rolls along and fights and has everyone contributing, and expects to win despite the opposition.  Last season we were surprised to win, whereas this year, we're all business, and if everyone does his job, good things unfailingly happen.

Marc Bergevin's preferred course of action at the trade deadline is getting harder and harder to figure out.  Do we try to improve the team with a couple of judicious additions?  Does that upset the apple cart though?  Do we instead stand pat and let this team do its thing, and hope that once healthy this roster measures up to any team this side of Pittsburgh?  It will be interesting to find out what he decides.

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