Monday, 3 September 2012

Peter King finds the courage to shill for the NFL. Again.

And again Mr. King finds the courage in his "Monday Morning Quarterback" column to shill for the NFL as it grinds down a group of long-serving employees.

He writes:
"If the officials would drop their pension demand -- that the current officials be grandfathered in to the more advantageous pension plan, while newly hired officials would have 401k pensions -- this dispute would probably end quickly."
As I explained last week, this is not a demand by the officials.  The side that demands something is the one which is asking for a change in the collective bargaining agreement, not the one that wants to stay with the status quo.

The officials aren't demanding anything, they want to retain what they already have, and in this environment where the league is flush with revenue, I don't see why they shouldn't.  

No Mr. King, the League is demanding something, it's demanding that the refs give up an actual pension.  A real pension, like people used to have in return for working long and hard for a successful company.  It's a demand by the League, not by the refs.

But it's a nice way of putting the onus on the refs, not the League.  It's big of you.

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