Sunday, 9 September 2012

ESPN doesn't think very highly of your Montréal Canadiens

ESPN ranked the Montréal Canadiens jersey as the best in pro sports in North America.  We swelled with pride.  It now ranks the franchises themselves, according to various criteria, and the Toronto Maple Leafs come out as the absolute worst franchise in sports, in their opinion.  Before we chortle though, we notice that the Canadiens are ranked 111th out of 122.


 After years of unstable ownership and some clown GM's in Irving Grundman and Réjean Houle, and some seemingly talented and experienced hockey men who ran aground in Bob Gainey and Pierre Gauthier, we can't really expect our team to do well in this analysis.  Geoff Molson seems to have the right philosophy to both rejuvenate our team and return it to its former glory.  With all the advantages conferred on the Montréal Canadiens, nothing else than excellence can be expected or tolerated.

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