Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Negotiations, Gary Bettman style

Gary Bettman says there's no point in meeting with the NHLPA until someone is ready to offer something new, and points to his offer as a significant gesture and concession on his side.

Jack Todd in the Gazette yesterday:

Bettman’s most recent stunt was so cute, it could have been a Kodak Moment. First, he hit the players with an “offer” that was more like a rollback to 1994. Then, when he softened that “offer” ever so slightly, he made like he had offered an enormous concession.

Bettman is like a bully neighbour who knocks on your door and says he’s going to be taking your house, your wife, your kids, your cars and your dog. You mutter something about places where the sun don’t shine and he leaves.

Two weeks later, the neighbour is back. Just to prove what a nice guy he is, he says, he’s willing to make concessions. He’s still going to take the house, the wife, the kids and the cars — but this time, he’s willing to let you keep the dog and live in the basement."
This isn't even a contest.  Anybody who thinks the owners are on solid ground on this is alone on an island, against every reasonable hockey commentor and analyst who have clearly articulated that the Players' Association position is logical, reasonable and constructive compared to their opposition.  To be 'on the owners' side' means to be aligned with mendacious fraudsters such as climate-change deniers or creation scientists.  Or Mitt Romney.

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