Saturday, 2 July 2011

NHL should observe Canada Day

Why is July 1st the date that the NHL chooses as the end date of contracts and thus the start of free agency? I know it makes sense to have it after the draft, and July 1 is kind of easy to remember, but doesn’t it make sense that a League that employs hundreds of Canadians, has seven franchises in Canada, and is home to millions of fans in Canada, should observe its national holiday? Would the American franchises even tolerate such guff, if we tried to make July 4 the beginning of the free agency period?

It was kind of ridiculous that the teams making presentations to Brad Richards and his agents yesterday would get to the office building and hit their nose on a locked door, due to the holiday.

Am I the only one who thinks that’s odd? Wouldn’t it be just as easy, and much more respectful, to make the date the first Monday after July 4? Or the first Saturday if they want fans to have the opportunity to tune in?

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