Saturday, 2 July 2011

Jaromir Jagr credibility at an all-time low

Link to a great article on the reaction in Pittsburgh on International Man of Mystery Jaromir Jagr up and signing with the Philadelphia Flyers, their hated in-state rival.

Mr. Gauthier, the Montreal General Manager, said all along that the Canadiens had no interest, yet there were 'rumours' that they were in the race to sign him. Of course, this process once again taught us to not believe anything coming from Mr. Jagr, and that his agent Petr Svoboda is a carny barker. The interest from the Canadiens might have been a smokescreen by Mr. Svoboda, or just Mr. Gauthier doing his due diligence, but once again he garners points by stating right off the bat by stating we were not interested, and not letting himself get distracted by the sideshow.

Once again, well done Mr. Gauthier.

Now please go sign Shane O'Brien, and fast forward the calendar to September for us. Summer is overrated.

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