Monday, 3 July 2017

Unrestricted free agent Nick Bonino

About Nick Bonino, the boys at TSN 1040 Vancouver were a little skeptical. They see the rumours, the scenarios, and they don’t buy it. He spent a year in Vancouver, after the Ryan Kesler trade, as his putative replacement, but he was more pudative© than anything else.

Their take is that he looks good in Pittsburgh, with Sid and Geno ahead of him in the lineup, so he can be a low 3, a third-line centre who doesn’t see any matchups, and with no pressure otherwise, but as a #2 behind Henrik here in Vancouver he was overmatched.

Same with Brandon Sutter too. Two years in, he’s not too convincing as a Middle 6 centre, certainly with his contract it’s not pretty, but he did relatively well in Pittsburgh with those two centres protecting him.

So as a UFA, I want to stay far, far away from Mr. Bonino, and let’s protect our capspace instead. And if we’re walking into a buzzsaw next season with our centre situation the way it is, so be it. Let the chips fall where they may, and let’s enjoy our high draft position next June.

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