Saturday, 27 February 2016

Game 62: Canadiens 4, Maple Leafs 1

Always good to get a win, especially against the Leafs.  4-1, and it wasn't really that close.  The Leafs stink, and are an embarrassment with that lineup, despite the rationalization about the tanking for Auston Matthews.

Good to see Mike Condon seems to be finding his way out of the woods.

Kids like Phillip Danault, Sven Andrighetto, Greg Pateryn, Mike McCarron, all played a role, were engaged, got icetime and made the most of it.  Great stuff.

Not that the team played that well, but eventually their greater talent allowed them to distance the Leafs, who gave up.  Just the natural order of things.  Again, kudos to Mike Condon, it might have been a different script if he'd let in a softie or two early.

I want Devante Smith-Pelly traded by the deadline if possible.  If scouts were watching, they might have actually seen him tonight, he wasn't invisible.  I watched the Flyers game with HabitantinSurrey and his brood in a pub, and after the game was over, I had to ask HiS's son if Devo had actually played, I couldn't pick him out on the 10 foot screen we were watching.  A third-rounder from a panicked Western Conference team, trying to keep up to the 'Hawks' buying spree, that would do nicely.

Andrei Markov was overused again, 25 minutes for him in a game against a patsy, including 2:30 on the PK, when we should have been seeing what the kids can do, evaluate them for next year.

Max Pacioretty is having a really good injury-marred terrible season.  23 goals so far, he'll probably reach 30.  Might be the best embarrassment of a season from a worthless soft Canadiens captain ever.  Tonight came with spontaneous, genuine celebrations with P.K. too.  The Negative Nellies are having cognitive dissonance injuries, they're out day-to-day.

Speaking of cognitive dissonance, we win!  Yay!  Against the Leafs!  And helped them improve their draft ranking.  Boo!  And hurt our draft ranking too.  So Boo! again.

Line of the night is by Mathieu Darche on L'Antichambre, who while asking Greg Pateryn about his run-ins with Nazem Kadri, says " me, I'm on your side on this one, because I can't stand him either, but..."

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