Saturday, 27 February 2016

Dan Hamhuis, Dale Weise refreshingly candid as the NHL trade deadline approaches.


Dan Hamhuis was just on TSN 1040 Vancouver with Matt Sekeres and Blake Price, and was really open and honest when answering questions about his immediate future. Instead of saying the usual, the boring “I don’t want to speculate” or “For now, I’m a Canuck and that’s all that matters”, he actually answered questions that fans have.

He spoke clearly about how he and his family love Vancouver, that’s why he signed here long-term (and I should say with a hometown discount), and his first choice would be to remain here. He said that he hasn’t been approached by the team to waive his NTC. If he was, if it was a good situation for him and it’d help the Canucks, and provide him with a chance to win a Cup, he’d consider it. He explained that being away from his family for months would be a hardship, that they being able to visit would weigh heavily in his decision.

He actually brought up Antoine Vermette of Phoenix-Chicago-Phoenix as an example, how that’s not out of the question in his case.

Kind of refreshing that he’d not play the ostrich with us, pretend he’s not aware of the rumours. Kind of like Dale Weise said in the last couple days, how he’s aware that his days as a Canadien are probably numbered, how contract talks last week basically went nowhere, they’re too far apart. Nice to get news you can use.

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